Square Meaters

With the formation of the breed Square Meaters by Ric Pisaturo, where an early maturing heavier muscled, more like the original Murray Grey cattle was developed, the Woolaringa herd readily fitted the requirements of the new cattle association.

Woolaringa did not follow the trend to breed bigger cattle, and could see problems starting to occur.

Therefore in 1996 the Murray Grey stud was transferred to the Square Meaters herd book. After breeding to a fixed type of early maturing, medium framed, easy care cattle since the studs inception.

Woolaringa has had much success in the show ring with Square Meaters and results can be viewed on the show results page. Also after a 21 year absence from showing steers, steers have been shown with success.

At the 2004 Royal Canberra show a Woolaringa steer won the heavy weight division of the carcass competition. This was even more prestigious as it was a Square Meaters feature show with the largest ever showing of Square Meaters, the carcass was eventually judged Grand Champion with a score of 95/100.

In June 2008 Fiona (Ernie's daughter) and Mick Battiste took over the stud and plan to continue breeding along the same lines that have proven so successful for the Woolaringa stud. Guidance and assistance are still being taken from him.

Sires that have been used are Caloona Trouble, Caloona Stumpy, Thurloo Park Ultimate, Wongonbra Pride, Gleannholme Arncliffe, Rainbow Zippity Doo Da, Mabelie Elessar, Mabelie Golden Boy and Woolaringa bred bulls. These include Woolaringa Ringo, Pedro, Tasman, Extra, Expectation, Yarra, Yanco, Dave and Eddie.

Woolaringa has been tested for Pesti Virus and found to be negative.

All cattle are 7 in 1 and Pestiguard vaccinated annually.