Murray Greys

The Woolaringa Murray Grey Stud was founded in 1970, by Ernie Stephenson with the selection of all the best cows from the Woolaringa Angus herd. Earls Court and Billaglen females were also purchased. In 1972 the Glen Hannah 3rd was purchased followed by Happy Valley Helen. Helen was an outstanding cow winning many ribbons at shows. In 1974 the Winslade Angus Stud was purchased in its entirety.

It was not until 1996 at the Myanga Murray Grey sale another female was introduced into the Woolaringa herd with the purchase of Myanga Kit Kat the top priced female of the sale.

In 2007 and again in 2010, 4 females were purchased from the Kydrabah Murray Grey Stud. Kydrabah have had a long history of showing in carcass competitions with much success and the decision to purchase these females have been an asset to the Stud.

In February 2011 we decided to purchase a cow from the renowned Murray Grey stud Monterey in WA. Monterey Rejoyce with bull calf at foot Monterey Formidable was purchased; Rejoyce is a long and particularly deep female that will suit our operation. Her grandsire was the legendary Maneroo Gladiator.

Murray Grey sires used were from Lachlan Downs, The Glen, Inverness, Yarrabbee Park, Glengarret, Malparara and Woolaringa.

In June 2010 a decision was made to re-register suitable females in the Murray Grey herd book. This will allow us to broaden our genetics by using the sire Michaelong Chocolate Soldierb which we purchased a 3/4 share and possession in from the Helen Sutherland Pastoral Company.

We have also purchased semen from Maneroo Fulton 6th which we believe will allow us to breed the early maturing well muscled type of cattle that suit the domestic market.